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eMotorMarket.com is a Price Comparison and merchant review website of Cars - Spare Parts - Tyres - Insurance - Leasing and Rent a Car.

FREE - EASY and FAST  online automotive trading platform for Sellers and Buyers.


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        Bulk Uploading Products
        For Bulk Uploading Car, Parts or Tyres Please contact us and our product integration team will upload for you

3.     Insurance, Leasing and Rent a Car companies simply Pay Per Click - PPC or Cost Per Action - CPA terms


Why chose eMotorMarket.com?

FREE Adverts Posting - Simply create your account in one simple and easy less then 1 minute step.  Instantly start Posting your advert Free of cost.

EASY and SIMPLE - account management: Simple to create an Account, Post Advert, and manage all your adverts (listing) through user control panel.

FAST & INSTANT ADVERT - eMotorMarket.com activates your account straightway to allow you to Post your advert (No waiting for approval of account or product).

eMotorMarket.com aims to provide a unique online platform for the Motor and vehicle industry where customers feel comfortable with searching and buying vehicles and services online.

eMotorMarket.com also aims to provide quality vehicle and parts to our users.

eMotorMarket.com aims to allow customers to buy and sell on eMotorMarket.com by searching listed  Vehicles, Parts, Tyres, Motor Insurance, Motor Leasing and Rent a Car with minimum price possible and maximum comparison. 

eMotorMarket.com also recommends third party suppliers to our customers in order to offer the widest variety and highest quality of product and services to fulfil their requirements. We will strive to meet our customer demands with maximum comparison in minimum time.

eMotorMarket.com ensures that our customer receives the maximum benefit from the platform with following services:

We provide you with an accurate and real time price comparison with list of products and services from Suppliers, Financers, Banks, Insurers, Rental Companies, together with detail of Supplier name, Brand, Web Address, Product name, Description, Price, Image and Product Rating (review).

eMotorMarket.com aims to provide you with the maximum price comparison in minimum time. 

We will help you consider the best quality and service product.

Join and Save Money & Time with confidence!


How does eMM collect your data? 

eMM allows users to create an account and post an advert with their provided details. Our database stores all the data and displays the advert straightway on the website.

How to cancel User or Merchant contract and account?

Any User or Merchant can cancel their contract and account any time, and it will be the user or merchant’s  responsibility to disable all their adverts by using the control panel.  This will ensure that eMM will not apply further charges and PPC terms. (User/ Merchant contract (agreement) with eMotorMarket.com is valid for one year and then renewable).

How eMM and Users can Track and Monitor their advert?

eMM tracks and monitors each advert. Account holders can also track and monitor each of their adverts via the user control panel.

How we assist and guide eMM user?

The eMM Technical Support and assistance team are always here to support and assist you by email, phone and post. 


Merchant Control Panel

New user can start using their account instantly via the control panel. Simply enter the User ID and Password which enable you to control and manage the listing (Ads) with following;

- Upload your Company Logo 
- Update Company/ Brand name
- Company URL/ website/ link
- Upload your Products - Car, Parts and Tyres
- Upload Product Description
- Upload Multiple Pictures
- Provide Contact details with Phone number and Email
- Add new advert (No limit on number of ads to upload)
- Manage Listing (Ads)
- Edit existing Listing (Ads)
- Active or Disable /Close Listing (Ads)
- Billing section (Ads added date and time, Invoices, Statement, Payment due date, Payment history)
- History of Clicks received on each ads (by each click IP address)
- Tick “Highlighted” and “Urgent” options get highlighted on our Search Results pages


eMotorMarket.com enables our User or Supplier (Merchants) to perform all the above functions instantly within seconds of registration. No waiting. No Delay. 


To list a product the user need to register with eMotorMarket.com www.emotormarket.com/register 

Boost your visibility and traffic to your website means more Clicks more Sale 

eMotorMarket™ has a registered Trade Mark number 2563496


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