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Welcome to our website. If you continue to browse and use this website, you are agreeing to comply with and be bound by the following terms and conditions of use, which together with our privacy policy govern eMotorMarket.com's relationship with you in relation to this website. If you disagree with any part of these terms and conditions, please do not use our website.


The term 'eMotorMarket.com’, 'eMotorMarket’, ‘eMM’, ‘our’, 'us', or 'we' refers to eMotorMarket.com. Our trade mark number is 2563496. The term 'you', 'visitor', 'customer', 'client', ‘registered user’, ‘Account holder’ or ‘Merchant’ or ‘Supplier’ refers to the user or viewer of our website.

Please make sure you read the following terms and conditions before accessing this website, it is compulsory to all visitors, customers, clients and suppliers (merchants), advertiser to understand the terms and conditions, this terms and conditions are updated regularly and it is compulsory on visitor to keep him/her self updated with these terms and conditions.

Conditions of Use 

i)   To list a product the user need to register with www.eMotorMarket.com/register

eMotorMarket.com has three types of registration
1.   Car Dealer or Private individual - Car ad (listing) 100% FREE
2.   Supplier ( Merchant )  - Parts/ Tyres ad (listings) 100% FREE
        Bulk Uploading Products
        For Bulk Uploading Car, Parts or Tyres Please contact us and our product integration team will upload your list of products for you
3.     Insurance, Leasing and Rent a Car companies account registration fee with simply Pay Per Click - PPC or Cost Per Action - CPA terms
ii)   Featured adverts
  1) Put Green "HIGH LIGHTED BACKGROUND" on the advert -      
  Standout! Grab attention - £4.99 for each advert
2) Put "QUICK SALE" Green Stripe of the left hand side corner of the advert -
Sell it fast? Bring more response - £5.99 for each advert

iii)   After successful registration the user thereafter will receive a confirmation email from eMotorMarket.com which will provides  the details of the registered user ID and password to access the website
www.eMotorMarket.com/login to list your car and product.

iv)   eMotorMarket.com also has the option to obtain your forgotten user ID and password
www.eMotorMarket.com/forgot-password by providing us your registered email address, eMM sends the confirmation of user ID and password to the user’s registered email address to access your account, and user is responsible of maintaining the confidentiality of the user ID and password with account details, eMM does not take any responsibility of misuse of any user ID and password.

v)   eMotorMarket.com reserves the right to disable any user’s access, account, product, services, permission to the website anytime depending on the circumstances and situation, (User/ Merchant contract (agreement) with eMotorMarket.com is valid for one year and then renewable).

vi)   eMotorMarket.com has some secure sections in this website; User or Supplier (Merchant) control panel, website administration section and database which can only be access by provided user ID and password by eMotorMarket.com.

vii)   It is compulsory on every user and visitor to access and use this website within eMotorMarket.com provided access.

viii)   eMotorMarket.com is not liable and responsible for any information, text, data, images, video and any material uploaded and provided by any user or visitor and supplier (merchants), User or Supplier (Merchants) takes all the responsibility of information and material upload on eMotorMarket.com.

ix)   eMotorMarket.com does not take responsibility and liability of any errors or difficulties user, customer, visitor and supplier (merchants) encounter. However our technical team will endeavour to resolve the issues as soon as possible.

x)   eMotorMarket.com asks their users, visitors and suppliers (merchants) to provide us correct and genuine information and material (avalibility of all the products, services and pricess please check with supplier/ merchant/ seller directly).

xi)   eMotorMarket.com ask our user to accept the terms and user will not provide us any harmful, threatening, abusive, harassing, vulgar, obscene, hateful, wrong, incorrect, invalid, false text /data /images /video, breach of copyright/ breach of trademark/ breach of confidence/ breach of privacy or any other right, unauthorised, virus, spam, unauthorised / illegal links, illegal information, or any material which does not harms someone’s views, society and people in any way, eMotorMarket.com does not take any responsibility of any information and material provided by third party (user, merchant, advertiser).

eMotorMarket.com and Merchants
Boost your visibility and traffic to your website means more Clicks more Sale
i)   eMM provides you the platform that allows you to list (advertise) the product and services, if visitor wish to buy the listed product and service, visitor can click on the Merchant’s website directly from eMM’s provided link and deal with the Merchant directly and obey their terms.

ii)   eMM is not responsible and liable for third party Posting, Listing (ads) (ad), advert, advertisement, product, services, banners, links, information and any material, eMM is not a agent of any supplier (merchant) or do not sell any Merchant’s product, and eMM does not take any responsibility of any sale visitor make with the merchant.

iii)   eMM has the “Merchant Review” section
www.eMotorMarket.com/our-merchants visitor can review and rate any Merchant’s product anytime and can access the merchant contact detail.

iv)   eMM allows visitor to review any product listed on the eMotorMarket.com by clicking on the “Star” display in each product and service advert.

v)   eMM recommends all Users and Merchants to keep up to date with their listing (ads) on eMM with their website; this helps eMM to give maximum price and product comparison with minimum time while considering the best quality of product and service to the customer.

vi)   eMM recommends user and visitor to be careful of any fraud and suspicious activity they see and inform eMotorMarket.com team as soon as possible.

vii)   eMM terms and conditions and privacy statement work together with each other which enable visitor and eMM to guide and protect from any illegal activity with the applicable of laws of England and Wales.

viii)   If you do not agree to abide by eMM terms and conditions and Privacy statement you must stop using and leave the website immediately.

ix)   Please do not use any section of website and database if you are not authorised to use legally.

x)   If you have any enquiry or do not understand these Terms and Conditions you can contact us at



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